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Liuzhou Hospitals

Liuzhou city has established a health care centre for foreigners. This is based around the top three hospitals (the first three listed here). Although, not exactly to western standards in terms of hygiene or privacy, these hospitals are adequate for anything other than very serious complaints.

They are all equipped with the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment. The problem is that the doctors may not be quite up to scratch at interpreting the results. Several years ago, I had an MRI scan in the People's Hospital which was then looked at by various doctors, all of whom gave different opinions.

Eventually, I returned to London, taking the scans with me. The Neurological Hospital in London praised the quality of the scans, then came up with the diagnosis which the first doctor had offered here.

Another problem is that there is still a tendency to see patients as cash cows. One doctor insisted that the only way I could be cured was to spend a month in his ward. There is also a well-recognised tendency to over prescribe medicines.

While I hope that no-one needs their services, despite the misgivings expressed above, these hospitals are probably your best option for minor complaints, and may be your only hope in an emergency.


Liuzhou Workers' Hospital

Liuzhou Workers' Hospital (工人医院 gōng rn yī yun)  is on the south side of the river near the bus station at 1 Liushi Road (柳石路 liǔ sh l). Some doctors have a good grasp of English and they employ an excellent medical interpreter / translator. They also have a Chinese only website. Click on the picture to visit. Tel: 0772-3815284‎


Liuzhou People's Hospital

In November 2008, after 82 years, Liuzhou People's Hospital (人民医院 rn mn yī yun)  moved from its site on the north side of the main city square (where Bubugao and the Wanda building are now) It is now in new premises on the east side of the river in the new Hedong Area where the government have built themselves new offices and homes. The hospital is now at 8 Wenchang Road. No website at present. Tel: 0772-2662012

文昌路8 wn chāng l 8 ho


Liuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Liuzhou Traditional  Chinese Medicine Hospital (中医院 zhōng yī yun) is at 32 Jiefang BeiLu (解放北路 jiě fng běi l), more or less next door to Lianhua Century Mart near the city square opposite Liuzhou Museum.

Do not be misled by the name. The hospital does not only offer Traditional Chinese medicine. They combine western and oriental techniques. Worth a try when all else fails! They too, have a Chinese only website here. Tel: 0772-2827772‎


Liuzhou Women and Children' Hospital

The first three hospitals listed all have maternity departments, but Liuzhou also has a dedicated women and children's hospital. The hospital is at the junction of Wuyi Lu and Yingshan Jie on the south-west corner of Liuzhou People's Square. Click on the picture for their Chinese only website, but be ready to switch off the cheesy music! Tel: 0772-2802652.


Liuzhou Kangle Dental Hospital

Both the Workers' and the People's hospitals above have dental departments, but Kangle Dental Hospital has been recommended to me (I haven't been, so would love to hear any feedback). The premises of this privately owned hospital are at the southern end of San Zhong Road at No. 25.