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Liuzhou's Economy

Liuzhou is the second largest city in Guangxi and is its industrial centre. Among the many industries located here are automobile and heavy plant factories; large scale cement, steel, zinc and chemical factories, tobacco, papermaking, shipbuilding etc.

As elsewhere in China, the local government is keen to attract investment, especially from overseas. There are a number of joint venture companies, notably that between Wuling Motor Company and General Motors.

Guangxi is included in China's Western Region Development Strategy. Under this scheme, foreign investors are able to take advantage of tax exemptions or reductions among other favourable conditions.

Agriculture also contributes to the local economy. Major grain crops include rice, maize, wheat, and sweet potatoes. The leading commercial crops include peanuts, sesame, tobacco, tea, cotton, and indigo. The area around Liuzhou also a major producer of fruits -- notably pomelos, tangerines, mandarin oranges, lemons, litchis, pears, papayas, bananas, and water chestnuts.

According to statistics issued by Liuzhou government, in 2010, the city’s GDP was 126.03 billion yuan.