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Tourism in and around Liuzhou


Apart from a number of parks, there is not a great deal of tourist attraction to Liuzhou city. Despite the city's great age, very little remains of its history. However, the city can be a good base for exploring the surrounding area, and it is possible to while away a few hours in the city itself. Apart from the sites listed, much of Liuzhou's charm and interest is in simply walking around the city observing the people, markets, shops etc.

Liuzhou Square is a good place for people watching. Turn up early (6:30 am) for ballroom dancing and people walking backwards! In the evening there is a minor reprise, although down by the riverside is more interesting!

WARNING! On public holidays, many of the attractions listed here can become incredibly crowded. Also weekends see large groups of people 'enjoying the sights.' How they enjoy being shepherded around bumping into rival groups, I've never understood.

This section is split into two parts:

In Liuzhou

In Guangxi