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Liuzhou's Transport

Travel News

To and from Liuzhou

This page is mainly about transport in and around Liuzhou. For information on how to get to Liuzhou from outside China , click on 'Visit Liuzhou' above.

Liuzhou is situated in the centre of Guangxi and has good transport links with the rest of China, and easy access overseas via Hong Kong. Road, rail, air and water transport are all available.

ROAD: Expressways link Liuzhou with Nanning to the south and Guilin to the north. A regular and comfortable coach service runs between Liuzhou and these two cities. Additionally  there are highways linking to Guangzhou (Canton) and to the port of Beihai in the far south of Guangxi. Buses run both by day and by night (sleeper bus). Coaches to Guangzhou and Shenzhen are faster than the train, but less comfortable.

Liuzhou - Nanning Coach

RAIL: Liuzhou is well connected by train to the rest of China. There are several daily trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an etc. and Hong Kong is easily accessible via Guangzhou or Shenzhen (although the coach is much faster). Ticket availability is reasonably good (except around the big public holidays - Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), May 1st and October 1st). It is also possible to travel by train to Hanoi in neighbouring Vietnam.

As is happening all over China, a high speed service is being introduced servicing Liuzhou. This is cutting travel times drastically. We are currently working on an update to this page, detailing the new services.


Liuzhou Railway Station

AIR: Liuzhou Bailian Airport has regular flights to Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. For other cities in China or for Hong Kong and other countries in South East Asia  it is necessary to fly from Nanning or Guilin. Liuzhou Bailian Airport Timetable

Liuzhou Airport

WATER: There is a river route linking Liuzhou with Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao which carries over 1.2 million tons of freight per year. There are no passenger services at present.

Within Liuzhou

Within Liuzhou there is a good, frequent and cheap bus service although it can get very crowded, especially at rush hours and weekends. Chinese bus drivers do not know the meaning of 'full'. There is always room for one more. Also, people are quite happy to carry all sorts of goods by bus. Bought a new television, DVD player, 5 + 1 speaker system and a microwave oven? No problem! Take it home on the bus. This is not a joke. I saw it today. Seen a lot of livestock, too. Most buses have a flat fare of 1, although the No. 3 which goes to Shatang, north of Liuzhou and the No. 21 which goes to Liuzhou Airport both have a flat fare of 1.80. Some air-conditioned buses are 2.

In 2013, the city bus company introduced a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system. These buses are supposedly quicker, although there has been a bit of a backlash and people are saying they are just as slow. They mainly service the east side of the city with a spur to the train station.

Liuzhou Bus

Taxis are also widely available and reasonably priced. I have only ever met two taxi drivers who spoke anything like English (although many more who thought they did) so make sure you have your destination written in Chinese unless you can speak the local language! Fares start at  6 for the first km, then approximately 1.7/km thereafter. Motorcycle taxis offer a cheaper alternative but they are technically illegal (the police turn a blind eye most of the time) and the accident rate is high. I wouldn't use them if they paid me. China, I'm told, has 1.9% of the world's motor vehicles, but 14% of the world's road accidents. This is due to poor driving skills, lax enforcement of road regulations and poor maintenance of vehicles and roads. You have been warned! 

It is possible to obtain a driving licence here in Liuzhou, provided you have a Residence Permit. China does not recognise international driving licences.