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Visit Liuzhou

Getting to Liuzhou

The most convenient route to Liuzhou from outside China is via Hong Kong, then Guilin. From Guilin there are frequent high speed trains to Liuzhou.

It is also possible to fly to Liuzhou via Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. However, the internal part of these flights are limited to one per day and are not so easily bookable from outside China. There are several flights per day from Hong Kong to Guilin operated by both Air China and Dragonair.

Despite being handed back in 1997, Hong Kong is still treated as an 'overseas' destination and, as a result, higher standards (and fares) apply.

Budget travellers are advised to arrive in Hong Kong, cross on foot into Shenzhen at the Lowu (羅湖 / 罗湖) border crossing, then take an overnight  coach from Shenzhen to Liuzhou. Lowu is the northern terminus of Hong Kong's MTR East Rail Line.

For more information on transport within Liuzhou, see Transport.


Liuzhou has a large number of hotels, but as in most parts of China only some of these are available to the non-Chinese guest. There are three four-star hotels which offer good accommodation with all the expected  facilities as well as a number of lower priced budget hotels. We can offer appropriate advice based on your requirements. See our accommodation page.


Liuzhou is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding province. Individual and group tours are widely available, depending on your particular interests. For information on tourism in and around Liuzhou see Tourism.