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Useful Contacts

This is where I plan to add useful numbers as I come across them. If you know of any contacts of general use to the foreigners in town, please contact me.



Note: Few, if any of these numbers will have English speakers.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police  - 110

Fire - 119

Ambulance  - 120


Local Tel Inquiry - 114

Weather Forecast - 12121

Electric Power Hot Line - 95598

Water Supply Hot Line - 96332

Gas Hot Line - 2895119


Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office

Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office

Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office, situated in the grounds of Liuzhou Hotel (Liuzhou Fandian) on Youyi Road, is there to help with any aspect of Liuzhou's relationship with the world outside China. They deal with everything from state visits (yes, they do happen sometimes) through assisting trade and investment contacts to organising Christmas parties for the Laowai! They are very friendly and helpful people and speak English (as well as Japanese, Russian, German, French etc).

To find the office, go into the hotel grounds and veer to the right of the main building. Follow the paths through the garden and keep going until you get to the back of the grounds. There they are! 

Telephone number is: 0772-2825529. I recommend that you telephone first as they are often very busy. 

 Liuzhou Foreign Affairs Office