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Cincinnati - Liuzhou Sister Cities

Liuzhou has been 'twinned' with Cincinnati, Ohio since 1988. Among the benefits brought by this association are medical and educational exchange programs.

In particular, there has been the Teacher Exchange Program which has hosted small groups of mostly middle and high school English teachers from Liuzhou to Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, these teachers take part in a 21 week ESL Teachers Exchange program which includes the following components:

1. Home stay with American families - 2-3 weeks at a time; about 7-10 families per teacher
2. 12 weeks of structured English lessons including culture-related topics
3. Library exchange whereby the teachers "teach" various subjects about China and Liuzhou in 12 of the 41 branches of the Cincinnati Public Library
4. Celebrate Chinese New Year on the Saturday before at the d/t library with 450+ citizens of all ages
5. Experience fall and winter national holidays and celebrations: Halloween (not holiday), Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanuka, New Years, Chinese New Year (not holiday), Valentines Day (not holiday), Easter
6. Winter trip to Chicago for 4 days (January)
7. Spring trip to Mamouth Cave (KY) for 3 days (March)
8. Independent travel to the east coast for 10 days at own expense (April)
9. Act as good will ambassador lecturers throughout Cincinnati area at public and private schools and colleges; private and public institutions as part of a volunteer outreach program sponsored by the Cin-Liu Sister City Committee

Those returnees to Liuzhou have set up a TE Alumni Association in Liuzhou including over 40 members from TE 1 - 9. TE was first established in 1993 and has won five international awards from Sister City International, the Public Library Association and other international associations for educational exchange, youth exchange, technology innovation, and cultural exchange. Cincinnati and Liuzhou will celebrate its 20th anniversary as sister cities in 2008.