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Leisure and Sports Facilities

Gyms   Swimming Pools    Ten Pin Bowling    Golf    Indoor Rock Climbing   Park Map


Gyms and Fitness Clubs

The information here is largely supplied by a reader of the site. I have not personally visited any gyms / clubs, nor has my correspondent.

The first is The Bund Fitness Club or 邦德健身 (bāng dé jiàn shēn). This is located inside 中环大厦 (zhōng huán dà shà) which is also is home to the Zhonghuan hotel. To find it, get yourself  the city centre pedestrian street and where it is intersected by the road (there is a Bank of China branch on the corner) , head east along Gongyuan Lu. Turn right after the second block and walk up till you come to the hotel entrance opposite the slipway to the underground parking place. Take the elevator to the gym.. There are signs in the hotel lobby to guide you.

The address in Chinese is 柳州市公园路47号中环大厦M层  Tel: 0772-8815988. They also have a Chinese only website here.

I don't know the membership costs. If you do, please let me know.

Zhong Huan Hotel


Top Liuzhou hotels such as the Radisson Blu, Liuzhou Hotel, Liuzhou Grand hotel and Jingdu hotel etc also have gym facilities, but be prepared to bleed cash to use them.

With many thanks to Matt.

June 29, 2012

Liuzhou Swimming Pools Unsafe

Liuzhou health department inspected 8 swimming pools in Liuzhou on August 17, 2009 and found serious health and hygiene concerns. 7 of the 8 pools tested positive for harmful bacteria.

Inspections also found a common problem of the level of free chlorine being higher than recommended, which means the water could irritate the skin. "Although restrictions have been clearly made out to pool managements, it is obviously that no one complies with it."

Regulations also state that people with skin diseases or under the influence of alcohol cannot go into swimming pools. However inspectors found out anyone with ticket can enter.

1st September 2009


This section has been removed, because the Messiah came to me and said it was unworthy.  Also, because golfers are such boring people who wear stupid clothes. This is now officially a golf free site.


Swimming Pools

Thanks to everyone who supplied info on their favourite swimming pools in town. I deliberately asked people of the Laowai persuasion who are either here now or were here in the past, rather than ask my Chinese friends or wife, as I wanted the Laowai perspective.

Favourite seems to be the pool  in Que Shan Park 雀山公园 què shān gōng yuán. The park is in the north of the city, at the end of the No. 19 bus route. (See map below.) However, it seems that it is easier to reach the swimming pool by taking the No. 5 bus and getting off at the terminus. From here you can enter the park by the north gate which is much nearer the pool. It costs ¥12, but a monthly season ticket is available.

Second favourite is Long Tan Park 龙潭公园 lóng tán gōng yuán (see map below). This is quite a way out of town, but the park is pleasant and the pool is good. This is at the south end of the No. 19 bus route. (So if you get the bus in the wrong direction you'll still get a swimming pool!) Admission ¥8.

Honourable mentions also goes to Ma'an Shan Park 马鞍山公园 mǎ ān shān gōng yuán  (see map below) pool. More central and to quote "Costs Y5 (plus Y1 for a locker).  There are actually 2 pools: one in the sun, for children (but adults can also wallow there), and a roofed one for the general public.  Apparently it gets very crowded in the evening."

Liuhou Park is definitely not recommended. Nor is the river!

See safety story above.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Guangxi's largest indoor rock climbing wall is in Que Shan Park. The 10 metre high wall has six climbing paths and they have all the necessary protective equipment. No information on price, so if anyone makes it there, please let me know. For directions to the park, see swimming above.


Park Map

Here is a map showing the approximate positions of the parks mentioned here.

parkmap.jpg (64416 bytes)


If you have any newer or better information, please let me know. Also, if there are any other leisure or sports facilities in town you think are of interest, please contact me.