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Liuzhou Shopping

Food Shopping

Third Eye  Picture Frames


This page is to give information on some of the more unusual non-food shops around Liuzhou. There are literally thousands of shops, so I can't cover them all, but if you have any favourite, interesting or useful shops to recommend, please contact me.


Third Eye

Third Eye is a small shop opposite the main entrance to Liuhou Park on Wenhui Road. They also have a second branch in the Diwang shopping mall behind Wuxing Department STore.

The shop deals in Tibetan ornaments, clothes, jewellery and Buddhist artefacts. They seem genuine and are reasonably priced.

Third Eye


Picture Frames

It is astonishing how often I'm asked about this. No, you don't have to put up with the garish, plastic excuses for picture frames which most photo shops sell. We do have a very good, competent frame maker in town who will do custom frames at sensible prices. Pick your design, show her the item to be framed and away she goes.

You can find on 0772-8800081. (Mobile 13078081000) She only speaks Chinese . Find a friend!

Her shop, which also does furnishings and decoration is at Jin' E market, Block 2, Shop 33


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