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Getting to Liuzhou

Liuzhou Train Timetable    Express Coach Timetable    Liuzhou Bus Routes    Domestic Flights

Map of Guangxi.   Map of Liuzhou


Nanning Consulates

Consulate General of the Kingdom of Cambodia

2F, Nanfeng Tower, No.85, Minzu Avenue, Nanning,


Tel: 0771 5889892, 5889893

Fax: 0771 5888522


Consulate General of the Kingdom of Thailand

Room 2212, Guilin Tower, No.1, Wen Xin Lu, Nanning


Tel: 0771 5506698

Fax: 0771 5506628



Consulate General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

1 Floor, Investment Plaza, 109 Minzu Dadao, Nanning

越南社会主义共和国驻南宁总领事馆 南宁民族大道109号投资大厦1楼

Hiện tại Tồng lnh sự qun Việt Nam được đặt tại Đại lộ Dn Tộc - Thnh phố Nam Ninh.

Telephone: 0771 5510560

                  0771 5510561

Fax: 0771 5534738

Vietnamese Consulate, Nanning

Download printable list here (PDF file).


Liuzhou Railway Bureau moves

China's Railways are controlled by 16 regional bureaus, one of which has, for the last 56 years, been Liuzhou Railway Bureau. However, no more. On the 26th November, the bureau changed its name to Nanning Railway Bureau and physically moved. The bureau was a major local employer and many of the railway staff have also relocated to Nanning.

It is unlikely that this will make any difference to the local rail service.

27th November 2007

Liuzhou Airport Expansion Plans

Liuzhou's local government and Guangxi airport management group have announced that Liuzhou Bailian Airport will be expanded. There are also plans to add new routes to Wuhan, Kunming and possibly Xiamen over the next two years. They also plan to increase the number of flights to Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

They even suggest that at an unspecified time flights to Hong Kong will be introduced. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that!

The announcement is here (Chinese).

24th August 2007

Beijing Flights Resume - Haikou Added

According to Liuzhou Airport website, the long suspended air service has restarted. There is one flight in each direction every day. They have also introduced daily flights to Haikou on Hainan island. Unfortunately, the timetable given is incorrect. The correct times are here.

Fares from Liuzhou to Beijing are 1,700 one way, and from Liuzhou to Haikou, 650

9th February 2007

Train Ticket Changes

New ticket on topChina Railways are changing the design of their tickets. The picture (left) shows the new design above the old. New information is included, such as the name of stations being also given in Pinyin (those Olympics!) and the general layout seems clearer.

At the same time they have announced that it is now possible (in Beijing at least) to buy through tickets and return tickets! Welcome to the 19th century, guys!

All tickets are still sold by sour faced, rude bitches, however. Some things don't change!

15th July 2006


Nanning - Hong Kong Flights

NANNING, Aug. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- Shenzhen Airlines has announced it will launch direct flight from Nanning, capital of south China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, and Hong Kong starting from Sept. 10. 

Boeing 737-700 will fly the route three times a week, taking off from Nanning at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and arriving Hong Kong at 9:25 a.m. The return flight will leave Hong Kong at 10:25 am and land at Nanning airport at 11:40 a.m

7th August 2005



Liuzhou Double Deck Bus

Liuzhou Double Deck BusLiuzhou has proudly introduced a double-deck bus service as of today. 10 shiny new vehicles have been acquired.

Route 201 runs from E'shan Park to Bayi Road, passing the railway station, Yufeng Road, Gong Mao, Jia Yong and the north side of the square.

Scheduled to run every 6-8 minutes, the route operates between 6:45 and 21:30. The fare is the standard 1.

28th January 2005

Currency Rules Changed

As of January 1st 2005, the amount of RMB you can take out of China will rise from the current 6,000 Yuan to 20,000 Yuan. It is also possible to take out up to $5,000 in foreign currency.

That said, on my many trips in and out of China over the years, I have never once been asked to declare currency or been searched.

6th December 2004

Trains to Hainan

It is now possible to take a train from the mainland to Hainan. A train-ferry service from Guangzhou to Haikou will start on the5th of December. The journey will take 12 hours, including the sea crossing.

The price of a hard seat ticket on the train will be 138, while a hard sleeper single ticket is available at up to 257. 

Currently, a single coach ticket between Haikou and Guangzhou is about 150.

2nd December 2004

China's Top 49 Wonders

I usually find Chinese tourism guides very predictable and clichd. In fact, they can be useful for knowing where not go. To my surprise, China Daily have published an article listing 49 sites of interest which are highly unpredictable. A sort of cross between a travel guide and a Guinness book of records, it lists such things as the only river to flow into the Arctic Ocean, the place with the most frequent thunderstorms, etc. (Number 36 is the only one in Guangxi)

Despite some lovely Chinglish, I found it quite interesting. The article is here

26th November 2004

Travelling to Hong Kong

A couple of people have recently fallen foul of the problem described below, so here is the gen.

Despite the 1997 'handback' of Hong Kong to China, it is still administered separately. If you leave China to visit Hong Kong, you WILL require a new visa to re-enter the mainland (unless you have a multi-entry visa or a residence permit).

The same applies to Macao.

Any questions? Contact me.

15th May 2004

Guilin CITS

The Guilin branch of China International Travel Service (CITS) have opened an office in Liuzhou. It is at 97 Jiefang Nan Lu (Room 1101) Phone number is 2870280. There is an English speaker by the name of Stephen Lu. His mobile number is 139 7803 4570.

They mainly deal with organised tours, but can also get tickets at reasonable prices.

18th February 2004

China Bans Air Passengers From Carrying Liquor

The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) have banned air passengers from carrying any liquor in any package, either bottled or in cans, aboard both domestic and international flights. For the full story and reaction click here.

15th October 2003

Muggings on Guangxi-Guangzhou Buses

CCTV have shown footage of muggings near Guangzhou Railway Station, but also reported that "some long distance buses from Guangxi and Hunan provinces make illegal stops by the side of the road, allowing the robbers to seize the opportunity to grab passengers' belongings as they get off their coaches. Full story here.

18th July 2003


If you have any useful travel tips or info, please let me know.


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